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By submitting this application, I understand that this program is designed to assist me with building a professional network and developing critical career management skills, and that I am responsible for executing the course content effectively to secure an internship or a full-time position. I understand that this program does not guarantee me an internship or a full-time position. By submitting this application, I am committing myself to attend all weekly classes, complete all coursework, and exhibit FourBlock’s core values (Act with Humility, Work to Build Trust, and Engage People Smartly). Proceeding with this application acknowledges my commitment to the above program requirements and representing FourBlock’s core values.

I understand that from time to time, FourBlock and employer hosts may take photos, videos, and other media of its community for awareness purposes, without any compensation to its members. I understand that I have the right to remove myself from the frame of view if I do not wish to participate. My contact information will not be publicly revealed. FourBlock Foundation may share my email address to employer partners only as part of my participation in the Career Readiness Program.

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Career Readiness Program Application